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~call o' booty~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~suits bodies n hotties~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ that's it thats literally all there is Also how awesome are plastinated corpses am i right ladies warning they will show up from time to time ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~Sharkify~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~sweet jams~~~~~~~

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at Stella McCartney Green Carpet Collectio


draw a dog tuesdays


"Oh Come with Us"; a really nice song that was unfortunately cut from the series - performed and written by Aaron Renier and David Coyle


hes just so great okay;;;;;;;;;;

stevebluescemi Asked:
your music makes me want to set myself on fire and run through a convenience store but like in a really great way

My answer:

Toni Young, of the 1980s Washington, D.C. punk band “Red C”

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You Slay Me—Sideboob

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this weekend i /finally/ got a hair cut, received this gorgeous boobie broach from Coucou Suzette and had a really really good time out with the most wonderful wonderful people. i am so sad to be going back to working tomorrow but excited to be in the ceramics studio !!


Polka Dot Superstar The Amazing World of Yayoi Kusama

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